BeFit24 – Medical Lumbar Back Brace Review

BeFit24 - Medical Lumbar Back Brace
BeFit24 – Medical Lumbar Back Brace

If you’re looking for lumbar support and perhaps shedding a bit of weight around the midsection, then this medical lumbar support will be right up your alley. This brace not only supports the lumbar vertebrae – helping to provide relief for slipped discs, generative disc disease, neuralgia, and other related conditions – it also compresses the abdominal region, helping you wick away stored belly fat.

The special design of this waist trimmer provides a strong grip around your waist, so it can effectively relieve pain in the low back while also giving you support while you lift or work out.

This waist trimmer is made from a combination of polyester and latex, so it’s comfortable yet slightly rigid, providing support and helping you work up a sweat to get rid of tummy fat. The easy-to-wear design is also easy to put on; wear it beneath your clothes for maximum perspiration power. Velcro tabs keep it tightly in position and allow you to adjust it to your particular comfort level.

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