About us

Welcome to our page! We are a team of health experts with extensive backgrounds in the body fat field. America is at war with body fat; it clings to our sides, stomachs, legs, faces – everywhere – leaving us feeling less than attractive while at the same time making us unhealthy. We want to help you get rid of ugly, unsightly, unhealthy body fat by making wise purchasing decisions based on our extensive research and industry expertise.

Why Do We Care About Body Fat?

Excess body fat can cause a lot of problems that go well beyond the image you see reflected back to you in your mirror. Too much body fat can lead to a slew of health problems, including:

– Heightened risk of developing Type II diabetes
– Increased risk of developing hypertension (high blood pressure)
– Greater risk for stroke, heart disease and cancer

Fat tends to concentrate itself in the abdominal region, and when that happens, excess body fat can increase your odds of these conditions even more. Studies have shown that people with excess body fat – regardless of their size or their body mass index – are at higher risk for dying earlier than those with less body fat.

overweight guy sitting
amazed at how thin his arms looked in comparison to his waist

The bad news is that it takes effort to get the fat off. Fat is easy to put on, but it is quite stubborn to remove. That’s why we review products that we think are essential to ending your battle of the bulge, leaving you sleeker, healthier, and more confident. Once you lose the fat and return to an acceptable level of body fat, your risk for developing these conditions generally returns to normal.

Why Trust Us?

Because of our commitment to better health and helping you develop a more positive body image, we created this site to personally review and recommend the best products for you. The products we select and recommend will help you win the war on body fat once and for all while improving your overall quality of life.

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exercise abdominal crunches

Our editorial team is made up of unbiased creators who vet the products we recommend, allowing us to make unbiased recommendations based on what we believe our readers would enjoy and that we feel can help them improve their lives and their health.