Introduction to body fat scales

What are Body Fat Scales?

More and more people are concerned about body fat percentage, and body fat scales provide an instant reading to show how much body fat you’re carrying. Body fat scales are revolutionizing the way people analyze their diet and fitness efforts. These scales read your body’s fat composition, so you can easily determine if your workout is working or if your diet is having an impact on your body.

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How Do Body Fat Scales Work?

A body fat percentage scale utilizes bioelectrical analysis to provide a measure of the body’s proportion of body fat. This painless technology sends an undetectable electrical current through the body. Because fat conducts electricity poorly, the resistance experienced by the current determines the amount of fat present in the body.

A conventional bathroom scale measures one thing and one thing only: your weight. However, knowing your percentage of body fat is an important measure of physical fitness. A scale that measures body fat gives you a better picture of your overall physical health and can also help you determine if your diet and weight loss efforts are paying off.

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How Much Body Fat is Too Much?

The exact amount of acceptable body fat varies based on your gender, age, and height. In general, men should have no more than 20 percent body fat, and women should have no more than 25 percent body fat. Younger people should have less body fat than older people. Lower body fat can be a good indicator of greater physical health.

Because weight, on its own, is not really a good health indicator, these scales are an important addition to your health and fitness routine. You can look thin and still have a high proportion of body fat. In the same vein, people who are very muscular may be technically overweight but have an acceptable limit of body fat due to muscle weighing more than fat. Excess body fat puts you at
risk for diabetes, heart disease, and other health problems.

Why Use Body Fat Scales?

There are other ways of determining your body fat percentage, such as fat calipers, DEXA, or under-water weigh-ins. However, body fat scales offer several advantages to these other methods, including:

  • Convenience. Body fat scales can be used at home, at your leisure, and in private. You don’t need to make the commute to the gym or make an appointment with your doctor.
  • Ease of availability. Body fat scales are available readily when shopping with your favorite online retailers. By contrast, there are very few places that offer other body fat composition testing, making it complicated to monitor your body fat changes as you work out or make an effort to lose weight.
  • Nominal expense. These scales are inexpensive and affordable. Even some of the best body fat scales run $100 or less, and they are durable and tough, so you can use them for years and years without problem.
  • Private testing. When you use calipers or go for an under-water weigh in, someone else does the testing for you. With body fat scales in your bathroom, no one but you knows your true body fat level.

Finding the right scale for your needs is as simple as reading body fat scale reviews to determine which scale offers the features that you need for successful integration into your lifestyle.